Gustave A. Larson – additional values in the supply chain

Max in conversation with Andrew Larson, CEO Gustave A. Larson

On the occasion of a US visit to the MDM award ceremony for Ludwig Meister, Max Meister took the opportunity to arrange a podcast with Andrew Larson, the family entrepreneur in the third generation.

Less the circumstance of parallelism in matters of family business 3rd generation, but the exciting and stringently implemented management methods of this HVAC and refrigeration distributor from Minnesota are the subject of this podcast.

And the fact that Andrew Larson and his team have found techniques to generate additional value in the supply chain. It goes so far that they offer active and above all successful strategy and digitalisation consulting for their customers.

In another podcast, which we will release shortly, Andrew Larson and Max discuss the topic of Traction and EOS. The fascination About the book of the same name and the topic is another common feature of the two. In the case of Gustave A. Larson, Traction or EOS is concretely anchored in the management of the company. How? More about this in our next podcast episode.

But for now enjoy listening to today’s podcast episode. Transcript and links can be found below. And as always: your opinion please. We welcome comments, suggestions, criticism at

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