Actual trends in distribution in the USA

Max Talking to Tom Gale, CEO Modern Distribution Management

On the occasion of a visit by Tom Gale, CEO MDM from Denver / Colorado, USA at Ludwig Meister, Max seized the opportunity to question this renowned distribution expert in 3 consecutive interviews.

Following the already published crossover podcast, in which Tom has asked Max about his assessments of the market and the development of Ludwig Meister, we are now turning “the pike”. Max asks Tom about current trends and developments in the US market around distribution and supply chain.

What are the challenges, what is Tom’s view of Amazon business´s development and, most importantly, what kind of learning is there for Europe and Germany? How far ahead are the US in developments?

In a third part of this round of talks between Max and Tom, which will be released in a few weeks, they talk about an analytic software presented by Tom – so far unfortunately only for the US market – but very interesting, as it shows and helps lift regional / local sales potentials.

But for now, have fun listening to today’s podcast episode. Transcript, and links can be found below. And as always: your opinion please. We welcome comments, suggestions, criticism at

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